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Speak A Word With A Thousand Voices

.. if you will yet give yourselves up, unto the Phrensies of Ungodliness

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This is now a second home to all the various and varied Shakespeare AUs floating around and being worked on (yes, including the absolute crossover crack!). WIPs for commentary and help, finished products, ongoing stories, free ideas, AUs open or closed, changed endings, changed events within the play - all welcome here!

Some of our AU's are "OPEN". That means that the original authors allow others to write in their universes. If you are interested in seeing which ones are available or would like to list your own as available, go to this post. Do remember though, that it is only polite to contact the original author before you begin.

Art inspired by or to inspire ideas also EXTREMELY welcome. (icons too, if anyone's got time or energy!)

We now have a request post, which can be found here. Simply post your request along with any suggestions as to actor or design (please include size requirements as well).

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